Gas Heating Training Classes

Gas Heating Training Classes will not open to the public. Have to be a Fissco Supply Customer.

This is a six-hour class that includes hands-on-practical application in the principles of gas heating.

The content for this class will include:

• Gas Furnace Sequence of Operation

• Understanding Equipment Data Plates

• Measuring and Verifying Correct Gas Pressures

• Measuring External Static Pressure

• Line and Control Voltage Wiring

• Introduction to Circuit Board Diagnostics

• Preventive Maintenance procedures

• Emphasis on safety, performance and productivity

General and Payment Information:

Contact Amanda Hanley at Amanda.Hanley@fisscosupply.com for general questions/information as well as payment for your test. Payment is required beforehand to officially reserve a seat for your selected testing date.

Instructor Information:

Contact Course Instructor Matt Bennett at Matt.Bennett@fisscosupply.com for additional information, help or questions.

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This Training Class is worth 6 NATE Continued ED Hours

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Payment is required beforehand to officially reserve a seat for your selected testing date.

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Gas Heating Training Class Details

Gas Heating Training Class Schedule:

Dallas: Tuesday, October 4th

North Fort Worth: Wednesday, October 5th

Tyler: Friday, October 7th

Waco: Tuesday, October 11th

Garland: Wednesday, October 12th

Dallas: Friday, November 18th

North Fort Worth: Tuesday, November 29th

Tyler: Wednesday, November 30th

Waco: Friday, December 2nd

Garland: Tuesday, December 6th

Run Time:

8:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Gas Heating Training Class Cost:


Gas Heating