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As a leading HVAC/R Wholesale Supplier, Fissco Supply is here to provide the best deals possible for its valued customers. Our September Texas HVAC Sales Flyer currently features exclusive deals from our Supplier of the Month, RectorSeal.

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These Training/Testing Classes are held at our 5 Training locations: North Dallas, Garland, North Fort Worth, Tyler and Waco.
We are currently offering the ESCO EPA Section 608 Review & Certification Exam!
Our Review covers Core, Type I, II, & III. Universal Certification is available. However, participants may choose to only test in the Type that certifies them for their area of service. (i.e. Core & Type II cover most of the air conditioning field for High pressure appliances.)

*Training & Testing not open to the public. Have to be a Fissco Supply Customer.*


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